Being a radio show personality is something Neal wanted to do since his adolescence.  A graduate of The Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 1978, Neal’s dream went to the back burner until 1993.  That’s when a desire came over him to do things in life that he wanted to do but hadn’t done. Neal’s radio career began in 1993 as a guest of Hall of Fame broadcaster; the legendary Brad Davis on WDRC.  It ended in 2010 at the 50,000 watt WCRN when his teaching career didn’t allow the availability of time.  Over his seventeen year career, Neal had top rated shows in major markets.  The Neal’s Wheals Car Care Show was the most listened to show in Hartford, Worcester and Boston in their respective day parts.  Click around to see and hear some of the memorable moments from The Neal’s Wheals Car Care Show.
Car Care Show Demo
Richard Ruth Interview
Video Demo
Tim Wusz Interview