Neal wanted Neal’s Wheals to be known as THE place to go to not only get a car fixed right, but to get it done fairly.  Neal NEVER utilized Bait & Switch advertising.  In fact, Neal marketed that he didn’t engage in such deceptive advertising tactics.  No fine print.  No Fast talk.  Neal’s ads promoted trust and confidence.  No low price ever appeared in an ad unless it could be adhered to.  Never did the disclaimer, “Most Cars” appear in an ad.  Instead, Neal used the phrase, “Not Some Cars, Not Most Cars, Your Car!”  Neal was a big believer in TOMA (Top Of The Mind Awareness) marketing.  His logo was everywhere he could afford to put it.  His name was heard on radio and TV.  He used slogans such as, “Stuck For Real?  Call Neal,” “Quality, Integrity & Value” and “25 Hour Towing 8 Days A Week.” 
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TV Spot 1
Typical Radio Spot By Phil D.
TV Spot 2